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OMG! That's Allergy-Free?
By Dr. Peggy Parker

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"OMG! That's Allergy-Free?"

OMG! That's Allergy Free?

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Are You Confused about Antioxidants?

Do you feel like the more you learn about antioxidants, the more questions you have? Then you are not alone. Here is an in-depth, but easy to understand explanation of their benefits, their drawbacks and what appears to be the most unique and effective antioxidant discovered to date. Put an end to your confusion!


Ionized Water Protocols

A brilliantly updated and revealing book that offers step-by-step instructions for using ionized water to address everything from stomach upset and indigestion to creating lustrous locks for yourself and your pets. This one has been out of publication for a few years and now it’s back and better than ever. Get your copy today to learn how to maximize your health from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!



The Simple Truth About Oxidation

Dr. Parker clearly and concisely explains oxidation and its devastating effects on your health as well as the ultimate solution for stopping and reversing them.  So if you or someone you love is still asking this question, this booklet will not only provide the answer, but set you on a path to health and wellness.

Your Home.... A Chemical - Free Sanctuary

As doctors of natural medicine we stongly advocate the reduction and dependence on chemicals in our home environments.  In this booklet we provide simple step-by-step instructions to effectively clean everything from your clothes to your patio furniture, to disinfect everything from your bathroom to your baby's room with just simple ionized water!

Choosing these options has such wide ranging effects on the eco-system of your body and our fragile planet.

20 Pages

Ionized Water in the Kitchen

Here's the latest in our "how to" series utilizing ionized water.  This handy eGuide provides tips and detailed instructions covering any cleaning, cooking or disinfecting project in your kitchen.  It provides valuable tips to save you both time and money every day!

Topics include everything from cleaning apples and berries to cooking beans and soups . . . from sprouting seeds and grains, to making the most delicious viniagrettes and coffee drinks . . . from  disinfecting your work surfaces to keeping your kitchen tools in tip top shape . . . and so much more! 

So if you would like to end the confusion over which ionized water to choose for any kitchen task, This Is Your Guide to Using Ionized Water in the Kitchen!

22 Pages



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