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The Efficacy of High Quality Ionized Water
In Stopping the Free Radical Cycle of Oxidation
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Free radicals bombard every cell 10,000 times per day creating significant oxidative damage to the cell membrane. Oxidized cell membranes have diminished capacity for proper regulation of fluids, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products.

Proposed Solution

The solution should be as simple as delivering antioxidants to the cell.  However, traditional antioxidants all have one significant drawback, as they donate the necessary electron to quench the free radical, they become free radicals.  While this may create a temporary slowing of oxidative damage, it does not stop the oxidative cycle.

The most logical manner to stop the oxidative cycle is to deliver available free electrons. 

Water treated through a specific electrolysis process can produce adequate free electrons to reduce and effectively reverse oxidative damage to cell membranes.

Study Objective

To ascertain any measurable difference in the rate of oxidation of the cell membrane as patients consume pre-determined daily amounts of electrolyzed water containing free electrons.


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