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Welcome to my consultation service page. These consultations are a direct response to the overwhelming requests I have received for private phone consultations. There are 2 distinct types of calls you can schedule:

  • The first, and most popular, are private consultations regarding your own health challenges or concerns.

  • The second type is a quick Q & A call. The details below will help you determine the type of call which will best fit your needs.
Physician Consultation Appointments

This is essentially a virtual appointment with Dr. Parker. It is intended to be an adjunct or a second opinion consultation to your current healthcare provider's diagnosis or treatment plan. Your initial call is more than just a "data collection" call. To maximize this consultation you will need to complete and return on line questionnaires, submit a thorough written health history, a family history and forward the results to any lab tests your personal physician has ordered as well as a recent digital dental panoramic xray.

It is extremely important that you gather these documents and forward them via email at least 4 days prior to your phone consultation. The more complete the information the more ground that can be covered in the initial call. All the documents will be thoroughly reviewed before your initial phone consultation. This appointment is referred to as your Initial Physician Consultation Appointment, and it lasts up to 50 minutes.

During this call you will be asked a few more questions to fill in any missing information. You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions. All of this information will assist Dr. Parker in making a thorough assessment. At this point you and Dr. Parker will mutually create a customized treatment plan for you to follow for a few weeks until your Re-Check Appointment.


Initial Physician Consultation Appointment - Up to 50 minutes in length

After the checkout process, you will be directed to a page containing forms and appointment scheduling.
Re-Check Appointments

These are follow-up phone consultations to your Initial Physician Consultation Appointment. Two or three days prior to your appointment, you will need to thoroughly complete a new questionnaire and return it along with any other tests or charts requested at the end of your last appointment. These phone consultations are up to 20 minutes in length.

The purpose of these appointments are to track your progress, update or change your treatment plan and allow us to create a program that works for you. As you progress and your picture of health changes you can expect the length of time between appointments to lengthen significantly. It is the goal of every good physician to work themselves out of a job!


Physician Re-Check Appointment - Up to 20 minutes in length

After the checkout process, you will be directed to a page containing forms and appointment scheduling.
Q&A Phone Consultation

These appointments are intended to assist you in obtaining answers to more general questions. For instance you may have questions regarding a specific water ionizer, how ionized water relates to a disease process, its use in a healthy lifestyle or you may simply want some information on Naturopathic or Biological Medicine. During the course of the call, you may ask Dr. Parker up to 2 questions. Answers are general in nature and are not intended to answer any specific personal health questions.

Your questions deserve the most complete answer possible so you will be asked to submit them in advance to allow Dr. Parker time to do any necessary research.


Q&A Phone Consultation - Up to 2 questions in 10 minutes

After the checkout process, you will be directed to a page containing forms and appointment scheduling.

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