My Funding Goals and what they accomplish . . .
A Crack in the Scientific Door – A Small BUT Meaningful Pilot Trial Study . . .

When we raise $40,970, the first level pilot study is on!!!  This level study is small – includes 12 participants, the minimum allowable – but it’s an important 1st step in spreading the word!  This study goal is to use the strictest scientific methods to demonstrate the reason ionized water works.  This study will provide me with enough statistics to write a book and can open doors to a larger study to attract the attention of scientists and physicians.

An Open Door – A Statistically Significant Stand Alone Study . . .

By raising $85,250, the trial study can be elevated from a small pilot study with only 12 participants, to a significant study with 30 participants!  At this level, medical professionals around the world will consider it “statistically significant”!  The size of this study will open the door wide enough for doctors to take notice of the reason ionized water works. 

A study of this size will attract attention not only from scientists and physicians, but everyday folks interested in improving their health!  This study will provide me with very relevant information to publish in a book  and just may get the attention of the media!

Blow the Doors Off – A University Sponsored Trial Study . . .

By raising $450,000 or more, this trial can move from a private study to a University Sponsored study!  Now we can really attract the attention of scientists, physicians and the general public all around the world!  This type of study finds its way into the hands of medical professionals all around the world and creates headlines in newspapers, magazines and it sells lots of books!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s just the beginning . . . Once we can demonstrate the reason the water works at this level, it opens doors for studies on individual subjects from Autism to West Nile Virus and all disease processes in between!

Other Ways You Can Help

I need your help to spread the word! Awareness of the project is the first step toward success! In addition to cash donations I need your help in many other ways. You can:

    • Share my video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, your Blog, and by emailing a link to everyone you know with a personal note asking them to share it with everyone they know!

    • Loan me the use of your gently used high quality water ionizers for a few months.  I know many of you have more than 1 unit and it’s crucial in the 1st and 2nd levels of trial studies.  I currently have 8 and with your help that number can expand to 30 or more!  This keeps the budget low and enables me to spend the money raised on lab tests instead of ionizers.

    • Organize a fundraiser!  Every $1 is truly significant, so organizing an event that raises even a few hundred dollars could be a game changer!

    • Donate your expertise!  You may be an expert marketer, a graphic designer, a media professional, a literary agent or a publisher, or you may be a fellow researcher who could help open some doors! 

To volunteer help, ideas or equipment, send an email to me at info@SimpleHealthNetwork.com with the word "Volunteer" in the subject line.

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$25 Your name is added to my list for continuous updates and you will be the first to hear the study results, your name is added to my sponsor list on my website and listed on the trial study sponsorship list.
3000 available
$50 Everything above PLUS a copy of The Real Story About Oxidation and Antioxidants.
500 available
$75 Everything above PLUS my newly revised Ionized Water Protocols!
250 available
$100 All communication and sponsorship acknowledgments PLUS a copy of ALL 5 of my booklets!
150 available
$250 Everything above PLUS free tuition for my course, Using Ionized Water as a Medical Intervention!
100 available
$350 Everything above PLUS a 3 month subscription to Ask Dr. P – a medical Video Blog where I answer up to 2 of your medically based questions per week!
75 available
$500 Everything above PLUS an autographed copy of OMG! That’s Allergy Free?
60 available
$1,000 Everything above PLUS a personal comprehensive Medical Consultation!
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50 available
$2,500 Everything above PLUS a 2 Hour Skyped Presentation to Your Group! 30
$3,500 You earn an honored place in my Inner Circle of Brainstorming Advisors!
everything listed above!
20 available
$5,000 In addition to everything listed above, you get a LIVE half day speaking event for your group! (Outside the continental US additional airfare may apply.)
10 available
$10,000 Everything listed above, PLUS a LIVE weekend speaking/training event for your group!
(Outside the continental US additional airfare may apply.)
7 available

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