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Using Ionized Water as a Medical Intervention

In June of 2009 we attended a one day seminar in Benecia, California with Dr. Peggy Parker on ionized water. We didn’t even have our own ionizer yet, but at that time I knew enough about it to be completely impressed with what Dr. Parker shared with us that day, and remember thinking after it ended that I wanted to have as much of her knowledge as I could get. In January of 2011 we heard about a year long teleclass Dr. Parker was offering about using ionized water as a medical intervention. We signed right up!

The year long class is just about over and I have to unreservedly say that it was one of the most satisfying courses of study I have ever had. Dr. Parker is a great teacher – very clear, well organized, extremely knowledgeable and she has a big compassionate heart.

Dr. Parker would generously come on the conference a few minutes before the start time for a little Q&A, and then start the class punctually. She presents both simple and complicated interconnected topics clearly, with a wonderful knack of reviewing the information for clarity before moving on. She intersperses periods of Q&A to make sure everyone is understanding the material before moving on and ends the class with more Q&A. As the classes progressed it began feeling more like family. I looked forward to each class, never once thinking about skipping one, and was always uplifted and amazed at the knowledge I received.

We learned basic chemistry, basic biology and traveled from the cellular level thru tissues and all the organs, the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, and the endocrine system – all presented with a focus on the different types of oxidative damage caused by free radicals on all these body parts and how the antioxidants in fully ionized water can repair this damage. Absolutely amazing stuff.

People can sign up for this class right now, since all the classes were recorded and archived, and I highly recommend anyone interested in really understanding what’s going on with fully ionized water as a medical intervention sign up, have fun and learn!

Thank you Dr. Parker!

Alan Jewett
448 Ignacio Blvd. #130
Novato, CA 94949

Dr Parker,

I have taken a lot of classes over the years and have always gone in with the understanding that most of what will be presented may not apply to me, or I will forget or whatever.  My goal is always to come away with a few nuggets that will transform how I do business or even look at the world.  Taking your class I got that value. 

I have more confidence when I approach people in general and healers and medical professionals specifically.

I loved your saying and have quoted it often: 'When you change the vibrational energy of the water, you change your own vibrational energy'.

And of course, many gems about health and dis-ease that I can use to educate others.

And, I am proud to be contributing to the '100th monkey' dilemma of changing beliefs around health and healing and ionized water.

I better get to work on my homework now.

My Best,

Teresa Bright

Dr. Parker is a marvelous teacher on an inspiring personal and professional journey.  She presents her rather staggering knowledge with fluency, clarity, humor, patience and gratitude.  Her course gave us deep insight into how our bodies work, from atoms to organs and biological systems.  I also gained a profound appreciation of the miraculously ingenious design of the human body that often left me speechless.  I loved this class and I highly recommend it to anyone gifted with an inquiring and open mind.

Jonna Holland

Dr. P
You are just amazing. Thank you so very much for all of this tremendous information.

I love listening to the playbacks and really appreciate them!

You are a terrific person, truly.

Lana Kontos

Dr Parker,

I just want to say how much I appreciate the classes we are doing twice a month.

You are an awesome communicator and teacher and frankly I hope we continue to grow with you next year as well... You have made such a difference in my life on many levels and on top of it you are an awesome professional and curious and dedicated to making people more healthful and harmonious. You are a shining light for us all...

Your teaching technique on the phone works well and you keep peeps focused and direct questions back to the precious recordings as appropriate..

This really maximizes your time with us so you can share more info rather than regurgitating what has already been covered..I really appreciate your being so disciplined about that on each call. And I really like the way you summarize at the end and tie it all together and pull in the spiritual impacts as well.

You are amazing and a gift ing life for sure!

Love you Dr P,

Nancy Cragin



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